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A New Dual-in-Line Surface Mountable IPM for Motor Drive Applications


This article introduces a new dual-in-line surface-mount device (SMD)-type intelligent power module (IPM) specialized for low-power BLDC motor-drive systems such as fan motors used in home appliances air-conditioners that require highly compact size with reliable and efficient design allowance. The proposed ultra-compact surface mountable IPM has an 18mm x 7.5mm package dimension and is composed of three-phase MOSFET bridge and gate control ICs. The integrated functions include bootstrap circuit, under-voltage lockout (UVLO) protection, temperature monitoring (VOT) and over-temperature protection. It can greatly help to simplify the inverter design in conjunction with smaller footprint PCB and enhance the reliability and cost reduction of the system. The key features associated with design and application consideration are described.

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