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Closed Loop Current Transducers with Excellent Performance are also Cost-Effective


Isolated current transducers use many different magnetic technologies varying from simple open-loop devices based on Hall cells to complex closed-loop transducers using fluxgates as the magnetically sensitive element¹. The higher accuracy of the more complicated types comes with an increased cost. Within each technology family, the challenge of new developments is to attain the performance of transducers in the family above while maintaining the cost advantages inherent to its design. In this article, we describe new closed-loop transducers using the Hall Effect in a custom ASIC for low currents from 1.5 A to 50 A nominal for PCB mounting. Their performance is similar to that of transducers using fluxgates. Advanced manufacturing techniques have also been introduced, and the new transducers achieve the highest levels of quality and traceability.

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