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COLD SPLIT Provides Significant Cost Advantages for SiC Substrates and Devices


SILTECTRA has developed a kerf-free wafering technique based on a spalling process that uses externally applied stresses to separate crystalline materials along crystal planes with well-defined thickness. We use a laser-conditioning process to spall the material along a pre-defined layer with high precision. Our process leads to material losses far below 100µm per SiC-Wafer which is significantly lower than alternatives like wire sawing. Geometrical parameters like bow, warp and TTV are superior due to the micrometer precision of the laser process. This allows further reduction of wafer thickness and utilizing the SiC-material more than two times. Furthermore, COLD SPLIT can also be applied as an alternative to back-side grinding of the final device wafer, which has the potential to reclaim most of the SiC-Wafer for a second processing run providing significant cost advantages for SiC-devices.

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