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High Voltage IGBT Modules in the 3300 V Class


Major applications using 3300 V IGBT modules like traction, medium voltage drives or power transmission & distribution require an absolute minimization of the number of field failures. Taking into consideration all possible worst-case application conditions, it must be ensured that the device must be operated safely inside the device specification. But in reality, it is sometimes impossible to predict all the worst-case conditions, which might occur during an actual field operation. That is the reason behind the requirement, which states that IGBT modules must have a reasonable margin between the parameters representing the module specifications and the critical operation of the module. The 3300 V X-Series was developed to improve the device durability, reliability and to further minimize the failure probability during an actual operation in the field. This article describes the basic points of the X-Series design including the improvements contributing to a safe operation of the device to ensure an overall good performance.

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