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Power Module with Exceptional Thermal and Efficiency Performance


Exar Corporation´s Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, James Lougheed, recently in Munich presented the latest and positive business figures after the completion of the IML divestiture. Meanwhile the continuous investments in power management products are expected to almost double the revenue in Q117 and Q217 and increase the operating income to more than USD 15 million. With around 200 employees the company designs, develops and markets high performance integrated circuits and system solutions primarily for the industrial market (70%), infrastructure (enterprise networking and servers, switches and routers, carrier class hardware, 20%), the automotive aftermarket and the audio/video market (around 5% each). The broad analogue mixed-signal product portfolio includes power management, sensing and signal conditioning, interface, LED lighting, data compression & security and video processing solutions. The power management portfolio contains numerous focus products and new products, especially modules in the power conversion branch plus universal PMIC controllers and regulators in the programmable power sector.

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